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I was inspired after reading a list of 89 simple swaps that could change your life and it made me think of how many of these swaps could make a BIG difference in a military spouse's life.


Gratitude for complaining. Feeling thankful can actually make us happier and healthier, so don't forget to appreciate every bit of good in life!
Instead of grumbling about the next time your spouse will have to deploy, travel, or work long hours, use this as an opportunity to make the most of the time you have together. Focusing on the positives will keep your time together more pleasant before they depart.


Being upfront for acting passive aggressive. Roommate forgot to clean the dishes again? Rather than bottling up that anger, be forthright (but nice!). Working out issues is better than building up inner frustration.
I naively assume my husband knows exactly what I need and want before he prepares to leave for an extended time. I want to be showered with romantic gestures and spend every last second with him before he leaves - totally reasonable right? ;) Instead of pouting that he has yet learned to read my mind, I simply ask, can we have a romantic evening tonight? Or suggest we do something like write each other a card revealing 5 reasons we love each other. Give your spouse a chance to meet your expectations by sharing them, and encourage them to do the same!


Little milestones for big goals. Thinking big is great, but huge goals may take time to reach. Don't forget the small achievements we can make - they'll also add up to big, positive change!
How many of us say, while my spouse is gone I will, run a marathon, organize the whole house, lose 10 lbs, become president and earn a degree. Ok, those are some BIG goals (especially the president thing, but one can dream right!?). Spouse Buzz wrote an entertaining article on setting obtainable deployment goals, but the lesson is the same, making goals is a GREAT idea, just make sure you put some manageable ones on there, so you can feel fantastic when you can check one off your list!


I encourage you to take a look at their whole list of swaps; I think many can make your life easier and happier!


I personally vow to:
Trade sadness around a PCS for joy of potential new friends
Trade deployment Blues into a Personal Growth Opportunity

What swaps can make a difference in your life?