Summer, to many, means pool parties, vacations, back yard barbeques and relaxation. To military families, it is about organizing, packing, driving and making new friends! The military's busiest moving season generally begins with Memorial Day and is not over until Labor Day. As many of you move this summer, here are some helpful resources to make your change of station a little easier!


Take advantage of other USAA military spouses' knowledge! Visit the "I'm Moving To..." discussion board to share your insight of a military installation or find someone who has been where you are going! I think advice about the best neighborhoods and schools come from people who can give a first hand account!


If you plan to have the military move you, visit as soon as you receive your orders to schedule your move and take advantage of their helpful videos.


Whether you are doing a DIY (do it yourself) move or having the military move you, I highly recommend using a checklist. There are many items to keep track of during a move and having a list ensures nothing is forgotten.'s moving checklists are broken down by months before moving, up until to the moving day.


If you need to sell your home before moving, or are interested in buying a home at your new duty station, USAA's Movers Advantage can really help! The real estate agents are specifically trained to work with USAA members.


I like the following sites because they allow you to search rentals by bedrooms, price, location, pet friendly etc!


If you are interested in living on the Installation, call the housing office, to inquire about housing and potentially get put on a waiting list. The housing office's number can easily be found on your new installation's website.

Moving can be a stressful time for a family, but it is also an adventure!


Best of luck on your move this summer! In the comments, please ask any questions you may have or share what resources help you get ready for a move.

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Tara Crooks shared some other great tips for preparing for the military to move you, in this discussion thread, check it out!
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HELP!!! I am so overwhelmed. My partner and I are relocating to Roswell, NM around August 1st. Not only are we moving to a different state, we are combining households. What a task that is... Can anyone recommend a moving company that will pack and move all of our household goods with care and integrity?? I would greatly apperciate any advice that you may have. Thanks, Yvonne