This is the second in the series about strange and cringe worthy stories of the packing and shipping of household goods from military spouses I connected with in the Facebook page “Lost During My PCS…Help. I asked the military families in this group to share their strangest experiences with their pack out and their answers might surprise you.


Amanda: My last move one of the packers used a box cutter to cut my daughters rail covers off her crib. I was LIVID! it was just tied on! I would've easily untied it if they asked! Worst is I was pregnant with #3 and planned on using that bedding since #1 and #2 used it


Alicia: They folded my wedding bouquet in half. Now I can understand if it was just thrown somewhere but it was in a glass display case along with my other weeding items. They also packed a DVD player inside the lawnmower bag.


Elaine: This last move we meticulously​ labeled and zip lock bagged all the parts that they insisted be placed in the "parts box". So of course, the box ended up on the last crate. The last crate got separated in our move. We had our entire home's worth of goods minus the parts, the TV and everyone's​ footboards


Brenna: I have a gorgeous trifold mirror marble top vanity I decided to put in storage when we pcsed to Germany. The movers apparently tried to take it apart, but busted it. Instead of just packing all the pieces together, they left the broken piece in the middle of the room and took the rest to storage. I've been lugging the broken piece with me all over Germany for the last 3 years and will hopefully be able to file a claim when we return stateside next year.


Janine: One move they packed the kitchen sponge and a small cactus in a pot that had been sitting next to the sink. OCONUS move.


Courtney R: We had our kitchen aid on the counter with the glass bowl on it; so of course, they packed it just like that with a layer of packing paper over the top. We had no idea until my husband sliced open his hand reaching into the box. He needed something like 7 stitches…


Trisha: They packed my husband’s drum set on top of my glass punch bowl set.


Tammy: When are stuff finally got here (2 1/2 months it took) they kept unloading boxes that said "Shade" on them. We had no clue what "Shade" finally after about 10 boxes that we kept telling them to put in the house living area, we finally opened up one and it was yard tools, another one was flower pots, then it hit me..."SHED", these were all items that came from our shed.


Libi: Our packers happily packed up spray paint, hazardous cleaners, rubbing alcohol, and kerosene but refused to pack unopened bottles of Crystal Geyser or witch hazel.


Deborah: Our movers wouldn't pack anything with batteries. They took out all the specialty batteries from our laptops, cameras, wouldn't pack our battery-operated air mattress pump etc. we moved overseas with one suitcase full of batteries and items you can't remove batteries from. It was ridiculous.


Melissa: We bought our movers pizza for lunch and they placed the remains of uneaten pizza, and pizza boxes, in our shipment...... That was the last time I bought movers food.


Lori: One set of movers stacked boxes on the stairs going up each step touching flat to the next box. Then I hear boxes hitting something I look up, they made a slide and were sending boxes down the stairs that way to the bottom!!!


Michelle W: We've had so many bad moves but one of the that really sticks out was when they put a cast iron skillet on TOP of all my glasses. There was no paper on any glasses but they wrapped the cast iron skillet!!!!


Marsha: A wardrobe box with clothes just balled up and thrown in. That white blob? My wedding dress which was zipped inside the plastic cover it came in. Crumpled up and tossed. The move before that we found my husband's suits similarly balled up and thrown at the bottom of a wardrobe box with the toilet plunger sitting on top of them.


Brandi: We had a very nice group of movers... one guy, bless his heart, was as smart as a box of rocks though... everything he labeled was spelled wrong. "Kitchen where", "hutch Krystal", "stupit orgenizer" (he asked what to label it and my husband told him stupid organizer).


Bennet: My first pcs, they drove the truck into the house... literally. Oops


If you have an upcoming move, don’t let these stories scare you. Use them as motivation to do everything you can to ensure your household goods are treated like precious cargo. Consider enlisting extra help from friends or family to have an extra set(s) of eyes overseeing the pack out, hire a babysitter if you have young children so your attention is 100% focused on the movers.  


How was your latest moving experience? What PCS tips can you share?


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