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Inevitably, when your significant other is away, something will go wrong. As I am dropping my husband off to be gone for a week or so, out of nowhere I asked when my base decals will expire, he says he doesn't know and not to worry about it. The NEXT day (he is now gone and out of contact) I am refused entry onto base because my base decals have expired .


I am actually glad this happened while he is gone, because theses are tasks I should have already known how to do! If you find yourself having to take care of renewing your installation decals, renewing your vehicle registration, your driver's license or your military ID, I hope this information will help!


Installation Decals

Although there are rumors that base decals are going away, just in case they stick around (they sure are serious about them at NAS Lemoore) here is what you need to renew them! You will need the receipt for your registration, proof of car insurance, your driver's license and your military ID. You might as well update your car and your significant others while you are at it! Make sure to bring their registration receipt and proof of insurance for their vehicle too, and then you can get both out of the way for the next year! If you are like me and tend to misplace things and cannot fine your receipt of registration, call the Tax Agent's office in the county your car is registered in with your license plate number and the vehicle identification number (VIN). They will be able to fax a receipt to your Pass and Tag office on the installation.


Car Registration

This one is EASY! So many departments of motor vehicles (DMV) are allowing people to renew their registration online! Go to this site and choose the state your vehicle is registered in and the site walks you through the whole process! You will need a credit card, your vehicles license plate, VIN number and a printer (for the temporary receipt!) Make sure you do not let your registration expire, to renew online it must be current! Make sure to register your vehicle in the state you wish to claim residency in.


Drivers License

Start this process EARLY. Most of the applications require you to fill out and send in forms, and renewal is NOT easy if you have already let your license expire, so be sure to be proactive on this one! You will need to get your eyes examined and have proof that your vision is safe for driving and send proof that you are out of state with the military (orders can usually satisfy this requirement). Use this website to choose your state and read the requirements for renewing your license in your state of residence. Tip: Look in the frequently asked questions section of your states websites; most of them have detailed instructions for military member and their families!


Military ID

To renew your military ID or to get it update when your significant other is promoted (I recently learned you should get a new ID when their rank changes- however there seems to be no hard deadline for this). To renew or update your ID, you must either have your sponsor present, have power of attorney or have had them fill out and sign DD Form 1172 (signature must have been within 90 days of current date). You will also need two forms of identification. One form of identification must be a state/government issued photo ID (driver's license and non expired military ID will be sufficient). You can renew your ID as early as 90 days prior to expiration. Do not wait to long because there starts to be issues when you have less than 30 days to the expiration date. Call you local ID office on base if you have specific questions. To make your renewal processes even easier, make an appointment! Call your installations ID office and they can make an appointment for you, or they will point you to a website like this one the Navy and Marine Corps use.


Good luck with these sometimes mundane but necessary tasks! You will feel good that you handled them all on your own!


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How do you NOT know when your stickers expire? They are big black numbers on the windshield of your vehicle. Still wondering if this was just an excuse to write a story about how to get base stickers. Which I applaude you, but you didn't have to make yourself look stupid first. BTW, I hear they are not going to be needed to get on base soon... just FYI.
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@ninjapleaz thank you for commenting, I am really glad you stopped by the Military Spouse Community! You are right, it is ridiculous I did not know when my base decals would expire, but good news is, I will never forget again! I have also read that base decals might be going away...I wonder how long that will take to roll out?
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The renewal appointment website has been updated. Here is the new link:
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How do I get a USAA decal for my vehicle?


I just changed vehicles... how can I get/buy USAA decals to put on my vehicle?


Thanks for commenting @loftyc and @Avatar34, I will make sure you both are sent USAA stickers for your vehicles!

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I would like a USAA Sticker for my cars... I have 3

USAA Service
USAA Service

@JESSYT thank you for your request and trusting USAA with your auto insurance needs.  Truly appreciate your longtime membership and have placed an order for your vehicles, please keep an eye out in your mailbox as the order may take up to a few weeks for the delivery.  ~ Marco

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I would like three 50 year membership decals for my vehicles.  thx

USAA Service
USAA Service

Hi @Helicopterbill! It's my pleasure to process your 50 yr member bumper stickers for you. They'll arrive within the next three weeks at your mailing address on file. Thank you for your tenured membership and for choosing USAA! ~ Stacy