Limitless Contributor

Spring officially starts March 20th and I could not be more excited. Spring is my favorite time of year. The weather is warming, the plants begin to bloom, and generally everyone is in great spirits because winter is ending! This is the perfect time to make up for all the time this winter you were cooped up indoors and get outside and be active!


Spring is an ideal time to train for a race (not too hot, not too cold). You can sign up to walk a 5k, or run a half marathon, or just volunteer to pass out water! Find many local races and walks in your area using this site. Many of these events are fundraisers for local organizations, a double win - good for you and helps out your community! You can use REI's site to search for nearby hiking and biking trails and they also have a section suggesting outdoor activities and games for kids!


Spring is also a great time to do yard work (major calorie burner) and plant a garden! We recently built a raised garden bed (easy how-to here) and I cannot wait to plant some of the vegetables we purchase the most at the store. I am hoping this will save us some money in groceries and become a new healthy hobby! This site allows you to enter your zip code and provides a calendar to tell you what to plant and provides a week by week guide when to plant it!


Look up local festivals and outdoor activities using websites like Eventful and Festivals. This is a great way for you to spend the day exploring and supporting your local community. Check out a local national park. This site lists parks with free admission by state.


Finally, use volunteer match to find opportunities to volunteer locally. You will be surprised how many volunteering opportunities can help you work up a sweat! You could also check out Habitat for Humanity in your area and spend sometime helping build a home.


What motivates you to get outside and be active? Please share your spring plans to put a little spring in your step!