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Economical, frugal, low-cost, economical or cheap — whatever word you choose — my Spring Break this year will be enjoyed on a tight budget. It is nearly impossible for something to be completely free, but you can work toward making things as close to free as possible! Here are some Spring Break ideas that will not break the bank, but will keep you from hearing the DREADED phrase, "I'm Bored".


Idea #1: It's Time to Plant a Garden!

Not only will this help your grocery bill, it allows your kids to lean a thing or two about nutritional eating and what it takes to grow plants! Allow each child to pick out a vegetable and space in a garden (even potting plants will work for this) and it can be their responsibility to tend to whatever varietal they choose!

Plant a Compact Vegetable Garden
Plant a Large Raised Garden
Seasonal Guide by Zip Code About What to Plant Now


Idea # 2 Projects, Crafts and Science Experiments

To ensure Spring Break doesn't turn into a TV marathon, plan activities and crafts to do as a family. Here is a list of 100 Activities you can complete with your kid's using supplies from the Dollar Store! This site has hundreds of activity suggestions from newborns to 5 year olds that are organized by age. Pinterest is also full of great kid's activity ideas.


Idea # 3 Utilize Local Resources

Check out your MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation) department. They will have some great information on local activities and events and often organize excursions to museums and attractions that you can join in for a discounted price!

Navy MWR
Marine Corps MWR
Army MWR
Coast Guard MWR


A simple internet search "city x spring break activities" will reveal locally sponsored (often free) activities. You can also check your local newspaper and chamber of commerce websites for list of local parades, festivals, conventions and events.


This Spring Break I will be planting my garden, reading a long book outside, making lots of trips to the dog park and tackling a few home organizing goals.


Please share how you plan to enjoy your spring break without breaking the bank!