Limitless Contributor

Roses are red, violets are blue, attracting good tenants, is easy to do! What better time to play matchmaker for your home than Valentines Day!? Here are my tips and tricks to finding a tenant who will treat your home with as much love as you do.


Be professional! Ensure you or your property manager treats potential new tenants with the utmost respect. Your attitude while searching for a tenant will directly reflect the type of tenants you attract. Make it clear in the advertising for your home that it is "well kept", "first class" or anything that shows your pride in ownership of the home. If the tenant knows how much you care, they are more likely to have the same concern for your property. While a beautiful and well kept home is the best methods of advertising, good appearance, attitude and professionalism will also assist in finding good tenants.


Spruce up your home. Dress up the home to match the type of tenants you want to attract. A messy and unkempt home (especially the front yard) will attract tenants that do not care to do yard maintenance nor mind if the home looks poorly taken care of. These are NOT the tenants you wish to attract. Keeping a nice yard with simple, but pretty landscaping (maybe even paint your front door red) and taking time to spruce up little details, like washing the exterior windows, will attract a client who likes nice things. Tenants who like nice things are more likely to keep those things nice! The more well kept your home appears to tenants, the more it will deter those tenants who know they cannot maintain or take care of your home as well as you have!


Do your Research. No matter who is a potential candidate to rent your home, do credit check, verify their employment and ask for references. Establish a procedure for showing your property, for collecting a rental application, rental agreement and credit or background check. Ensure you tell each prospective tenant what is expected of them pertaining to qualifications for renting. It is helpful to ask potential tenants for information from

their previous landlord (if applicable) or a reference that can talk about their character, lifestyle or job.


What has your experience been while trying to find tenants to rent you home? Please share the good and bad in the discussion here!