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There is no better time to send your deployed loved one a taste of home than around the Fourth of July. It is a time to celebrate this wonderful country we live in and all the freedoms we enjoy. More importantly, it's a great time to thank the people who are helping keep it that way! I wanted to make a special care package for my spouse to remind him what a wonderful country we live in and hopefully help him be less homesick for barbeque and fireworks while he is away.


Here's what I filled my large flat rate shipping box with:

  • A flag-print drink cover.

  • A patriotic shirt. Look for stores that offer a 10 percent military discount. (like Old Navy)

  • Red, white and blue candy. I included blue gum, red hard candy, and some white mints to cover the colors of the flag. Many candy makers feature seasonal promotions. I was able to find red white and blue licorice.

  • Inexpensive fillers. I bought patriotic sunglasses, decorative banners, glow sticks and temporary tattoos at my local dollar store. These items provide a little bit of fun, are reasonably priced and help fill up the box.

  • Regularly requested items he normally requests. I found protein bars and peanut butter in flavors and packaging to match the red white and blue theme.

  • Movies or songs that relate to Independence Day or the American spirit.

  • Red white and blue cakes made in jars. I used pint-sized Mason Jars (12 for $7, purchased at my commissary) and filled six of them with one cup each of boxed cake mix batter. Then I placed the jars on a cookie sheet and baked according to the package directions for cupcakes. When they were done, I removed them from the oven and carefully screwed on the tops. Within ten minutes, I heard the "pop" of the seals, ensuring the cakes would stay fresh through the long shipping process. Once they cooled I packed them into a box with a can of store-bought frosting, red, white and blue sprinkles and some plastic forks — a perfectly patriotic semi homemade treat!


Additional creative ideas for filling up a Fourth of July package can be found here and here.

How do you make your loved one feel special for Independence Day?
Please share your care package ideas in the comments!