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Anticipation, anxiety, nervousness, exasperation, hope, excitement! These are the emotions I feel when waiting for our next orders. I try not to get my hopes up for a specific location, nor loathe one of the options because at the end of the day, my personal preferences matter less than the needs of the military! However, we are only human and secretly hope our next orders send us overseas to Japan!


It is hard to make a "most desired location" list because each family requires and hopes for different things. While my family would love to move overseas, it is the last choice for others! Many like hot or cold climates, lots of kid-friendly activities, big or small city, etc. Our current duty station in Lemoore, CA is frowned upon by many. It is a relatively small town (population 30,000ish) and consists of a lot of farm land and not much else. For these reasons, it is many families LAST choice, but it was our first! We spend our weekends hiking in the sequoias, making trips to small beach towns and are 3.5 hours away from San Francisco and Los Angeles! I think the most important factor to enjoying your new location is attitude and willingness to look at each new location as an adventure.


Here are some of the locations that I have heard are on the hot list of places to live:


NAS North Island San Diego, California
Whidbey Island, Washington
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


Air Force:
MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida
Kadena Air Base in Japan
Lackland AFB San Antonio, Texas (home of USAA!)


Fort Carson, Colorado
Germany (there are a few installations in Germany and everyone seems to like each of them!)


Coast Guard:
7th District Miami, Florida
Honolulu, Hawaii
Kodiak Island, Alaska


What do you think? Where have you lived and loved, or did not like!? Make sure to share your experiences in the discussion forum.