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The seasons are changing! Ok, maybe not if you live in south...but soon enough sweaters, scarves and boots will be taking over the shorts and tank tops. This time is the perfect time to take a look at what is in your closet. While you take unpack all of your sweatshirts and long johns, use this time to purge and organize!


First thing is first, you need to decide what to keep, what to store and what to recycle. I like to use recycle instead of "get rid of" because I encourage that you swap your clothes and shoes with a friend or donate your items to a Goodwill, consignment shop or the Salvation Army. It makes it easier for me to give an item away when I think about the other people who could be wearing and enjoying the piece that no longer works for me.


Kendi, from the fashion blog Kendi Everyday, has a great way to help deal with the hesitancy to get rid of certain clothing items:

"If you are struggling with throwing a few things out, start a "maybe" pile. I keep a (small) box in my laundry room, so when I find something that I just don't wear anymore, but I'm not ready to give away it goes in the box. If it's still there in a month or so (meaning I haven't missed it), then I donate it, sell it or swap it with a friend. If you are unsure about a few items, pull them to the side and try them on. If it fits and you can pair it with 3-5 other items in your closet, then keep it. If it doesn't, purge and move on"


There are some items I think you should hang on to whether you wear it or not; anything that holds sentimental value. I appreciate so much that my mother kept the dress she wore when she married my father (I wish she would have kept more of her favorite clothing, those styles are making a comeback!) and my husband has a football jersey from his first football team. These items can be shown to your children and can be special heirlooms to pass down or talk about later. Carefully store these items so they will not be ruined by time or bugs!


You have made it past the hardest part, getting rid of items! It is now time to organize what is left. Cynthia, from Organized Home, perfectly describes what often happens when organizing;

"Classic organizational thinking involves removing all clothing from the closet, trying on every single item with every other single item...we all know what happens on this plan --- you pull everything out of the closet, try on your prom dress from 1983, and the baby wakes up, spits up, and demands attention. Then you get to sleep in a bedroom filled with tulle and sequins for the next three weeks".


Don't do this! Pick out your favorite items you wear often and put them in a designated area of your closet. After a few weeks, move everything you have worn to the front section of your closet and the remaining unworn items need to be evaluated! Also, keep the "in season" items in areas that are easiest to reach. If your closet is not big enough to hold all of seasons in one closet, pack your "summer items", for example, shorts, tank tops (unless they can be worn under a sweater) and sun dresses etc., in a plastic container. Make sure all items you pack away are cleaned and pressed (time to use an iron!) so when you unpack these clothes they can go straight back in your closet with no hassle!


You will feel so much better each morning when you get dressed that all of your clothing items are organized! You will be even happier when it comes time to move, you will have less to go through! What are your tips and tricks to keeping your closet organized and free of clutter? Happy Organizing!