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The movers have come and gone, you are exhausted, you have boxes blocking every room off and the LAST thing on your mind is meeting your new neighbors. I have to admit, it was the last thing I wanted to do after moving boxes around all day, with no makeup and sweatpants on (there is no better moving attire). However, getting to know your neighbors is important!

One of the best reasons it is ideal to meet your new neighbors is because it creates a safer neighborhood environment. How perfect is it to have neighbors who know you and your family so they can recognize strangers or unusual activity at your home? It can also be helpful when you are away to have a trusty neighbor keep an eye on your place, check your mail and water your plants!

You could have a true bond with one of your neighbors and make a new friend! The first step is always the hardest, so here are some ways to take initiative and meet your neighbors:

  • Spend some time in the front yard! Whether you are working in the garage, or sitting out front, taking your dog for a walk etc, being outside will help welcome your neighbors who might feel uncomfortable ringing your doorbell to come over introduce themselves and say hello.
  • If you do not feel comfortable approaching your neighbor's homes by ringing the doorbell, leave a homemade gift or treat with a note introducing your family, where you live, and that you will be around if they needed anything. (Homemade treat ideas)

Remember this works both ways! When you see a family moving in near you, go over and make them feel welcome! Military families are moving so often, if we all do not make an effort to welcome and get to know one another, we are truly missing out! Check out these awesome DIY ideas to welcome a new neighbor:

  • Cute and printable welcome labels that give your new neighbor a list of your favorite places and contact information.
  • Make a list of local phone numbers, trash schedule etc that they might need on a regular basis. You can also make them a recommendation list of your favorite restaurants and shops. Finally include all the phone numbers of the neighbors on the street.

How have you been welcomed, or have welcomed new neighbors? Please share your ideas here.