When I move somewhere new, I love getting information from friends and acquaintances about their favorite places to eat, where they take their car to get the oil changed and what place serves the best sweet tea. My husband, however, only wants the "essential" information (I tried to argue the essential nature of knowing where to get ice cream during an emotional crisis...still did not convince him). He wants a quick lay of the land and a list of the top places we'll need immediately. The list I have compiled below meets both of our needs and would be a great thing to share with someone who has recently moved to your area. At your next spouse club or FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting take some time to ask some of the other spouses to share their favorite places, activities and parts of town you live in. Wouldn't it be great to get this kind of information when you PCS somewhere new!?


The Basics:
Location of nearest hospital
Grocery store
Hardware store
Post office
Cheapest gas station


Best coffee shop
Favorite lunch spot
Happy hour deals
Dinner place
Best take-out restaurant




Best mall
Favorite local shop
Places that offer a military discount


Best park
Day care


Great babysitters
Trusty real estate agent


What information did your spouses group provide you when you moved? What else can be added to this list?


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-trustworthy car mechanic -hair salon or at least a good haircut person -good and reliable handyman who knows who the good professionals are for when you need serious specialty work. (plumber, electrician, etc.)
Frequent Visitor
Pet Sitting Services/Pet Boarding Veterinarian Parks or Playgrounds Bike or Walking Paths Movie Theater