shutterstock_138923921.jpgIn the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I was inspired to share my dreams for military families. It is a new year and a chance for many of us to have a fresh start. My hopes for military families require just a small positive change from us all.


  1. Respect and Befriend One Another: We are stronger (and happier) when we stick together. It warms my heart when I see military spouses lifting one another up, encouraging and supporting one another. Whether it is helping a new spouse who has just PCSed, supporting a spouse's small business, encouraging them in a weight loss journey, etc. We need to put judging and criticizing in the past. t. Make new friends and do your best to support and encourage the spouses you know.
  2. Stop Having to Fight for Benefits: It is my dream that the military community will not have the burden of worrying about sequestration and budget cuts. I can only hope that one day our representatives will recognize the sacrifices the men and women in uniform (and their families) make and there will be no need for efforts like MOAA’s campaign to stop the cuts to the annual Cost of Living Adjustments for retirees.
  3. See the Positive During Tough Times: I dream that we use the use adversity (tough schedules, deployments, moves) to make us stronger. Time away from our spouses in inevitable, and instead of focusing on their absence, focus on positive goals we can accomplish during that time. For example, making a new friend, saving money, trying something new, visiting old friends and family or volunteering for a good cause. Pick one or two tasks or goals that will make you feel good during your spouse's absence. Think of a move as a new opportunity to explore a new place and make new friends.
  4. Represent the Military Community in a Positive Manner: We know the actions of one individual had the potential to affect the reputation and image of a whole group. Be the person who puts their best foot forward representing military families. Be aware if what you say and do, and important post in social media!

In the spirit of this holiday, what do you dream is in store for military families in 2014?