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As we WORK to prepare for Thanksgiving, here are a couple of top Thanksgiving questions we wanted to help answer and provide a tip or two.  


What is your #1 Tip for preparing the turkey on Thanksgiving?  


Wendy: That’s easy, I learned how to prepare, cook and carve a turkey from Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa. She makes this overwhelming responsibility seem doable. It is a lesson that has never failed me, and I always go back to her tried and true process. You can learn from Ina too by checking out her Perfect Roast Turkey Food Network video 


Briana: The key to any successful Thanksgiving meal is planning ahead! We fry our turkey, so the most important factors are to make sure it is fully defrosted and don’t forget to brine! 


What is your favorite dessert at Thanksgiving?  


Briana: I cannot skip a small slice of classic pumpkin pie topped with a dollop of whipped cream.  (This pie is also perfect the next morning with a cup of coffee!) I have tried jazzing it up over the years, but keep coming back to the simple recipe on the back of the canned pumpkin. Click here for the recipe. 


Wendy: Also, an easy choice, pecan pie! I’m sure there are lots of different recipes out there, but I just use the one on the Karo Syrup bottle with good vanilla. Sometimes I’ll arrange the pecans in a pattern, but if I’m short on time I skip this step. Warm pecan pie with a bit of whip cream on top, yum! Click here for the recipe 


What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? 


Briana: My family has been making the same stuffing recipe my grandmother passed down. It is full of toasted white bread and sausage and tastes excellent smothered in gravy. 


Wendy: Mashed potatoes with lots of butter, salt, pepper, sour cream and bit of cheese on top! 


Be sure to take our Community poll and chime in on your favorite Thanksgiving side dish.  Wishing happiness and health to you and your families (near and far) this Thanksgiving. 


We want to hear your favorite Thanksgiving tip, side dish and dessert! Let us know in the comments.