It's the holiday season and that means for many of us traveling! Traveling takes on a whole new level of stress once you have children. My first trip with my daughter was a 3 hour drive to San Jose (do you know the way?). I was nervous to pack and travel with my then 2 month old by myself to meet my husband for the weekend. Much to my relief, we survived and had FUN. I am thankful I did not let my fears prevent me from getting out of the house and traveling.  Whether you are taking a road trip or a plane ride there are a few key items to keep in mind when traveling with an infant.



- Car Seat (if you purchase a seat on a plane for your infant they will need to be in an FAA approved car seat, if not you can check this item at the gate)


- Umbrella Stroller (they allow you to gate check this item)


- Diaper Bag:
  - Diapers and wipes (1 diaper per hour of travel)

  - Zip top bag; you never know when a trash can won’t be near enough

  - 2 extra outfits for baby

  - 1 extra shirt for yourself 

  - Feeding tools (bottles, snacks etc.) - I like the convenience of the squeeze food packs and puffs when traveling. Here   are the FAA guidelines on carrying Food for baby. I have traveled with food packets and a cooler full of breast milk with no issues going through security.
  - Antibacterial wipes - I have wiped down our seat, tray table and arm rests when traveling with my infant and was glad I did after seeing the dirty wipe when I was finished…
  - Something New - I have had success in distracting my daughter from the long traveling hours with a new book or toy.
  - Baby Tylenol and/or any medication prescribed to your baby
  - Soothing item like a blanket, stuffed animal or pacifier
  - On the plane during takeoff and landing, it is a good idea to feed your baby (breast, bottle or even a snack) to alleviate ear pressure (a pacifier worked for us).


In Your Luggage:
  - 2 outfits per day for the baby
  - Crib sheets from home (the familiar smell of home, will hopefully make it easier for them to sleep in a new place)
  - Monitor (I have a fancy video monitor system at home, but bring a simple audio one when we travel)
  -Instead of bringing our noise machine with me, I simply use a white noise smart phone app to keep things quiet if we are staying in a hotel or someone else’s home.
  - Staying in a hotel? Many have cribs available for you room upon request. This will save you from having to pack a large portable crib.
  - Travel size baby shampoo, lotion and diaper cream
  - Disposable bibs, spoons, placemats and changing pads are convenient!

This may be cheesy, but the final thing to pack is your confidence. You are a wonderful parent and can do this! Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding or swaddling, or sleep training or whatever baby raising methods you choose; your choices are right for you and your baby and you should never worry about what other people traveling may think. I was so nervous about breastfeeding my daughter in public, but those fears were unwarranted. In all of our travels (many road trips and 6 flights) I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Good Luck on your travels!


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