We all have them, stories and personal accounts of what went wrong during our moves. I have learned the hard way that sometimes it is better not to freak out, but to just go on ahead and laugh at your situation. No matter how much you prepare for a move, inevitably something unplanned, funny, sad or frustrating will happen.

I asked my Facebook friends to share some of their crazy moving stories and I was amazed what some of them went through!


This one was the strangest...one of my friends while unpacking, found that the movers had carved their initials into their baby's crib. I do not even know how they could explain this one?


Car trouble seems to be another major source of distress when moving. My friend Lacy, who was moving form San Diego to Quantico had someone break into their car (after it broke down in the middle of the night and was then damaged further by an accident while at the repair shop) and they stole her husband's uniforms! Is it just me or do these "why me" moments happen in threes? Another friend, who was doing a DITY move, was on her way from Texas to Washington when the moving truck broke down on the highway (she was of course by herself) and they had to send another moving truck out to her and unpack and re-load everything onto a new truck!


The movers that packed up my husband and I during our last move told horrific stories about houses they have packed. I had not considered how their job must be very strange sometimes. I personally cannot imagine going through someone else's belongings... especially personal ones! They told me a story of packing up a hoarder - it took 5 days! Another family expected them to pack a kitchen full of rotting food items - gross.


Have you heard any moving horror stories? Tara Crooks from Money Matters recommends the book "Household Baggage" by Marna Krajeski which includes some embarrassing, emotional and funny stories, many of which are

centered on PCSing and I have read a few embarrassing stories in the comments of this article on Spouse Buzz.


Whether it is your story, a friends or a moving urban legend that is funny, tragic embarrassing or scary, etc., please share in the comments!

Chazz Pratt
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We made an overseas move and the movers left a sandwich in one of the boxes. Needless to say, we had a few unwanted guests arrive when we opened that box.
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I am currently stationed in Haiti and my husband is executing our household goods move halfway across the country. I'm flying home in a couple days to do a partial DITY move with our two cars. Low and behold, today my car suffered a major engine failure. My husband is taking it to the repairman Monday but we're guessing it will be a total loss. We are supposed to leave with both cars full (including with our pets) in 5 days. Now we're down one car and scrambling to find an alternate plan. If only this had happened after we'd arrived at our next duty station!