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Marriage is an exciting journey and in my biased opinion- even better when you are marrying a military member. You have the options of uniforms at your wedding and a chance to display some of the military pomp and circumstance or not! My husband wore his uniform for our ceremony, but that was the only military flare we incorporated.


If you are on the fence of trying to decide if a military wedding is for you, I asked some fellow military spouses their advice. These spouses opted to have traditional weddings, check out their advice for insight as you begin to plan your wedding.


Choose the wedding traditions that are right for you and your spouse:


I desperately wanted a military wedding (arch of sabers, him wearing his uniform) and he definitely did NOT. He said over and over, "You aren't marrying the military, you are marrying ME!". We fought hard about it but I finally gave in and let him have his way. It was definitely the right call. My husband struggled the whole time he was in the Army and couldn't wait to get out, so I'm glad that our wedding stayed separate from the military traditions, that we didn't let it define who we were as a couple. My husband never looked comfortable in his dress uniform but dang he looked sharp in a tux! He also didn't have any military buddies at the wedding so doing the arch would have involved getting strangers to do it for us, which would have stressed us both out. You don't HAVE to have a military wedding even if you are active duty. Sometimes it's nice to keep your marriage separate from the military. Because you aren't marrying the military. You are marrying the man. -Aprille


My husband didn't want a military wedding. I didn't care either way. But now he wonders if we should have since he's well on his way to 20. We did invite all his squadron friends since it was local so we had a lot of rolls/bread thrown between tables. –Elaine


I did not want a military wedding because we were getting married a month after he came home from a year deployment. I was like; The Navy had him for a whole year. I get him for this day! It was definitely the right choice for us... which leads me to my advice: The wedding is about you and your partner. Choose a military wedding because that's what you (as a couple) really want, not because you feel obligated or guilted into it. - Jo from


Good advice for any type of wedding: stay on budget!


Never go with cheapest or most expensive of ANYTHING…especially services. We got the cheapest photographer, and he was AWFUL. Luckily we had some friends who were pretty good togs, and got lots of decent pictures. Got the most expensive of florist and WAY overpaid for things that die in 24 hours. –Jodi


Did you opt for a Military style wedding or traditional? Please share your experiences (and photos!) in the comments.



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