Military Spouses Share Their Secret to Keeping Their Job Despite a Move


It seems the process to keep your job during and after a move is a secret. After talking with spouses who successfully maintained employment despite moving, it was apparent many were reluctant to publicize and call attention to the company they are employed. What they were not reluctant to share were their tips to encourage your company to continue your employment after a move.

Be irreplaceable: Become the reason your company makes a special case. Be the top seller in your territory, maintain excellent and above average evaluations, be the person who volunteers and helps others without being asked.

Military Spouse, Lyndsey shared some of her success story with me, “I celebrated my 10th year with my amazing company this year! I started with them directly out of college and after 3 years in the trenches, I networked, interviewed and transferred to my dream job! After a couple years; I met my DREAM man but was nervous about my move because it might mean the end of the career that I had worked so hard for. My company created a position for me to continue my work in another state. We moved again and I flew back and forth every other week from California to Philadelphia for 6 months (pregnant mind you!) helping in learning and development until they could CREATE yet another territory for me to work from home in sales. Trust me. I don't want you to think that I'm hanging on based on luck alone, I have actually won our sales excellence award every year that I have been eligible and just heard yesterday that I did it again for the 2014 sales year (yay) .... But, I still feel VERY lucky to have had to opportunity to stay on with this great company, with these GREAT People that understand that an employee performs better when they are happy at home first and foremost. By the way, they are transferring me AGAIN for our next move in March!” 


How could her company not accommodate her moves when she is the top seller? This is proof that being the best opens additional opportunities.

Be flexible: They want you to expand your job description or roll, cover a new territory, work on a different time zone? Not a problem. Prove to them you are willing and able to make the changes necessary to maintain employment. This will remind your company what a team player and asset you are.

Be bold: Do not be afraid to ask to remain an employee. More and more of the work force are telecommuting. Build a proposal outlining your plan to work remotely from you new location, set goals, set expectations and tell them how successful you will be. You will be amazed when given a concrete plan, your company may be more willing to work with you.

Be grateful: Military spouse, Marci says, “The loyalty my company has shown by retaining me as an employee even though I've moved several times has always pushed me to want to work hard and do that much better for the company as an employee. I feel a sense of mutual respect from my company which is very difficult to come by in a large employer. I know I'm fortunate to be able to have a career and be a military wife and mother but the truth is some of the most outstanding, smart, creative and hardworking women I've ever met are Navy (military) wives and more employers should open their eyes and hire them." Be a true advocate for the brand and company you work for. Loyal employees beget loyal employers.

Have you been successful maintaining employment during and after a move? If so please share in the comments tips for other military spouses! The more we share, the more effective we all can be when it comes to retaining our employment!

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