Military Saves week is next week from February 19-26 and encourages Military members and their family to "Start Small and Think Big". There are many little changes you can make that will allow you to save big over time! In the spirit of saving, here are some of my tips and tricks to help you save a bit of money around your home!




  1. Plan ahead, make a list and do not, I repeat do not go to the store hungry! Things you do not need like cheese balls and potato chips will be impossible to turn down!
  2. Buy items that are on sale. The stores have a "sell by" date, but you can snag it for a lower price, freeze it and work it into your menu for next week! Ask your grocery store when they do markdowns - mine does it on Sundays and I snag up all the meat I can for HALF PRICE!
  3. Another freezing trick: You need to buy mint (or insert another obscure herb/veggie, etc) for a recipe and have a lot leftover? Freeze it! There really in not much you cannot freeze! For example - the bell pepper you didn't use but paid 1.99 for? Chop it up, freeze and use it in a breakfast omelet or stir fry for another time.
  4. Re-use food items you normally throw away. The ends of onions/carrots/celery can be used to make chicken broth along with the bones of the whole chicken you roasted, for a nice dinner. How about those brown bananas? Slice them up and freeze them for a delicious addition to a smoothie, or freeze them in their peels to use later for banana bread.
  5. Pick your favorite herbs and grow them at home! It is hard to beat paying $3 for a basil plant you can use repeatedly versus $3 for the bundle of basil leaves good for one recipe at the grocery store. I grow chives, cilantro, parsley, basil and rosemary!
  6. Stock up on your pantry staples (canned tomatoes, broth, etc) when they are on sale, or when you have a coupon. Do not wait until you need these items and have to pay full price for them!
  7. Become "fans", email subscribers or reward program members to your local grocery stores. They will often send you extra discounts and coupons via email or snail mail!


Make your Own Household Cleaning Supplies:

  1. Laundry detergent
  2. Window cleaner
  3. Cleaning with Vinegar
  4. Hand Soap
  5. Swiffer pad alternatives (I do not sew, so I cut up an old towel and used that instead of the wet and dry pads, I dampen them with a one part vinegar one part vinegar two parts water solution. Throw those towels in the wash after you use them! )



  1. Check your bills. At least every other cell phone bill we get, there is an unnecessary charge or mistake. Here are some of the crazy charges we have dealt with:
    - Automatic enrollment into contests 5.99-9.99 a month, no thanks!
    - Roaming charges (El Centro California may be close to Mexicobut it is not, so please don't charge us 99 cents a text, yikes!)
    If anything on your bill looks out of the ordinary, I encourage you to call the billing department and ask questions and see if they can give you any discounts!
  2. Reduce your energy bills by following some of these useful tips
  3. Use online discount sites, there should be no reason to pay full price for a manicure/haircut/restaurant again! Groupon, Living social, Deal on, Half Off , Printable Coupons
  4. Look for coupon and discount codes before making online purchases. Often, you can get free shipping or a discount. Use an internet search for specifics stores, or use a site like this.


Finally, ask places if they provide a military discount. Often, the decision to provide a military discount is determined by the local store, not at a corporate level, so you never know who will show you a little discount love! How do you increase your everyday savings? Please share in the comments!


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Hello Briana, I found a link to "Saving on airline tickets" on your site. But clicking on it did not take me to anything that even mentioned airline tickets. It took me to a page with your blogs. Why put a link that appears to lead you to information , but not any helpful information?
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Teri, I am sorry the link you tried did not direct you to the correct article, we will look into the issue. Here is the article you are looking for: