Limitless Contributor

Military Saves Week is upon us! Last week I wrote about small changes you can make in your daily routine, but what happens if a PCS is looming in your near future? How does one save money, while preserving their sanity and protecting all of their household goods!? Do not fear, even during a move there are ways to saving a penny or two!


The first step before moving is to purge! Get rid of items you no longer use in a garage sale, on Craigslist / eBay or donate to Goodwill, the Salvation Army etc. You can make a little money by selling your items or use your donation as a tax write-off. The less "stuff" you have to move, the less expensive the move will be.


Second, do research and get used moving supplies. Begin by checking out your recycling center on the nearest installation or contact your local chamber of commerce for information about the recycling centers policy on giving away gently used boxes. I was able to get all boxes and packing paper for free for my last move from the installations recycling center! Also, search the internet (Craigslist is good for this) for individuals giving away (or selling at a discounted rate) their used boxes and ask local grocery stores, convenient stores etc for their boxes. Often, they will give you their old boxes for free! If you cannot find used moving supplies, begin saving your newspapers to use as free packing paper. You can also use some of your household goods (napkins, towels, blankets) to wrap your breakable household goods in lieu of renting blankets from a moving company.


If you are renting, clean, clean and clean some more to ensure you get your deposit back. If you own the home you are moving from, make sure to get it in pristine condition in order to attract good tenants.


Finally, you are entitled to many different benefits when you PCS through the military, such as, allowances for per diem, lodging expenses and sometimes, advance pay. You should also keep track of your moving expenses. If your expenses meet a certain criteria, they can be deducted from your federal income taxes.


Saving money takes planning and forethought, but you will be thankful to have a few extra dollars in your pocket at the end of your move! How do you save money during a PCS?