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Going to the doctor has never been one of my favorite things to do. It becomes even more unpleasant when you have to change doctors every few years. You dream of seeing the same doctor for years and years they know your complete medical history, they know your parents, they are eventually your children's doctor...we all know, in the military, that is never going to happen.


When I know a move will be in our near future, I do my best to schedule all the appointments I can. This ensures, barring any emergency, I will have some of the seasonal checkups and exams complete so as not to rush to make appointments right after the move.


Ensure before you move, that you get copies of your medical records. This guarantees your medical records do not disappear completely if some of your documents are lost in the move or transfer. Also, ensure you complete the medical record transfer documents with your current primary care physician (Once you arrive at your new location, make sure to follow up to make sure the transfer was successful). In addition, if you have a current condition or issue you are being treated for, ask your current primary care doctor to write up your treatment plan and future medical needs in order to ease the transition to a new doctor.


Tricare recommends that you:

Once you know you'll be moving, you can easily transfer your enrollment by calling your current (losing) contractor and providing information about your upcoming move.

  • North: 1-877-874-2273


  • South: 1-800-444-5445


  • West: 1-888-874-9378


  • Overseas: Click here to find your country-specific toll-free number

To begin the enrollment transfer, the regional contractor will ask for:

  • Sponsor's name


  • Sponsor's Social Security Number


  • Sponsor's cellular phone number


  • Sponsor's e-mail address


  • The estimated date of your relocation (when you will be arriving at your new duty station)


  • Where you are moving, to determine the appropriate TRICARE Prime option

Another option is to update it HERE online.


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Can you share any helpful tips or experiences to make seeing new doctors and transferring your medical records easier?