Meals for Moving - Feeding Your Family When the Kitchen is Boxed Up

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As a self proclaimed lover of all things pizza, even I acknowledge delivery pizza can only sustain a family during a PCS for so long. Volunteer to pick up a friends first pizza delivery order to share with the movers and packers, and bring another meal with you when you come! You will be helping the family by being another set of eyes as their belongings are packed, and provide them a meal that doesn't involve pizza!


When choosing a meal to bring, think about the ease of re-heating. Consider bringing a one pan meal such as lasagna, chicken soup, or a hearty chili. One of my favorite food blogs, Annie's Eats, has a great list of suggestions to make for new mothers and they will also work perfectly to bring to your friends who are moving. If cooking is not one of your talents, do not fret, bring over an assortment of cold cuts and sandwich fixings or a pre made meal from the grocery store! No matter what you bring over, a thoughtful and healthy meal will make such a difference in their stress level and will make them feel good!


Only bring over food in disposable containers. You can easily get aluminum pans for the main dish, use some of your older Tupperware you do not mind getting back, or simply use plastic re-sealable bags. You do not want to give them one more item to worry about getting lost (or heaven forbid packed DIRTY) during their move! Make sure you also bring plastic silverware, paper napkins and paper plates. No need to create more dirty dishes amidst the craziness of packing.


These meals are also good for bringing to a friend who has just moved in. I find that tackling the unpacking of the kitchen takes the most work, and would welcome a meal that I can just pop in the oven. This saves time and reduces the stress of finding all of my pots and pans and scraping together pantry staples.


Food is a great way to bond with an old friend, get closer to someone new, comfort in ones time of need, and can reduce the stress of the recipient greatly! Save the ones you care about from delivery pizza overload!


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