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Moving in March is a much different kind of fun than ranking/cheering/watching your favorite college basketball teams duke it out. I associate college basketball with chips and dip, a cold beverage and some fighting Texas Aggie victories (ok so maybe more hoping for a Texas A&M victory). Wendy from Deployment shared her family's traditional March competition, but I am going to share some tips to make sure in the game of moving, you will get nothing but net! (WARNING: More cheesy basketball references ahead)


Practice: Many of you out there have plenty of practice moving, but it is important to prepare (as much as possible) for your next move. Know your weight limit, have a plan for when the movers come. Keep your MVPs (most valuable possessions), like Fido, in a separate room for you to pack.


Know Your Opponent: Research your potential new duty stations. There are many great resources out there. is one of them! There are reviews and advice written from other military spouses giving up to date and detailed information. Do some Facebook stalking! Most posts have their own Facebook pages (some even have spouses groups) that you can check out, ask questions and get local information (maybe even make a friend before you get there!).


Don't Miss the Free Throws: By this, I mean freebies. Free advice, free boxes (most posts have a recycling center, they give out FREE boxes!) and finding out everything you are entitled to in your move. You also may want to research a Personally Procured Move (also known as PPM or DITY Move). "As an incentive to participate in the program, you are authorized to receive 95 percent of what it would cost the Government to transport your HHG. The computation is based on actual weight transported" (more info here).


Be a Team Player: Get your whole family involved. Purge the house before a move, have them help organize and assist on moving day. Moves are hardest on the kids, so make sure to involve them in the decision making process (finding a place to live, touring schools, etc.) it will make the transition easier.


Don't Drop the Ball: Be prepared for an emergency or a claim throughout the moving process. The longer you wait to report damaged items , the harder time you will have getting a reimbursement for your damaged items.

Keep the press on your next move, and know all of the rules and shortcuts to avoid getting ejected! Do you have any tips for your fellow PCSing players?


Please share in the comments!