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I realize no move is a small move...I say this knee deep in packing paper, tape stuck in my hair and boxes tripping up my normal hallway walkway. However, some are smaller than others. I recently posted a discussion in the PCS discussion forum and some wonderful members had some great tips to my question about the best way to move myself down the street. We found out recently our orders in California were extended for the next three years (does that not seem like a long time!?) and made the decision to purchase a home. Now, we are faced with moving our whole home without military housing assistance less than two miles down the road! Here are some of the wonderful member suggestions and my tips for making a small move easy and less of a burden on your wallet!


First thing is first, you need to decide whether you are going to tackle the move yourself, or hire someone to help you. I decided I could pack everything myself, and hire someone to load and unload it from the old place to the new home! Contact a local moving company and ask around to your friends and often you can find a GREAT deal! There are some gentlemen here who work for a moving company during the week, and help move people on the weekends as a side job! So, we are getting expert movers for $45 an hour! This also works when renting a truck, mention you are working with local movers, or that you are military and you can often get a great discount.

Next, you need to get moving supplies and boxes. Start by checking your installation's recycling center. Many have boxes (all shapes and sizes-mine even had wardrobe boxes) and packing paper! This is a great way to get gently used boxes for FREE. You can also ask local grocery stores, convenient stores etc for their boxes, and many times they will also give you their old boxes for free! If you have no luck with free boxes, many people post listings on websites like Craig's List offering used boxes for a discount price.


Here are some tips from member's to help you once you start packing:


"Use large plastic bags to help protect your clothes. Slip the bag around the clothes and tie off around the hangers. Pull the drawers from your furniture, leaving the items in the drawers. I don't bother wrapping these as they are going via my car, just the way they are....If you have artwork, I use blankets and comforters to protect them since these items tend to be thicker and provide a little more protection than just sheets." - USAA Member CR60


"What worked for me was to rent a good size truck from a larger truck company that will contract you the truck for the entire day at one set price no miles. You pay to fill up, but use as you wish" - USAA Member Ricky F


To read the rest of the wonderful advice check out the full discussion here! Please feel free to add your own moving tips and tricks!