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Pets become another member of our immediate family. They never get angry with you, they certainly don't talk back and are a wonderful source of love and comfort! That is why it is so important to make sure you try to make moving as least stressful for them as possible.


First, research pet regulations or rules in the area you are moving to. I was required to have my dog micro chipped and registered with the state when we moved to Californian. Next, ensure you make a visit to your veterinarian. Confirm that your pet is up to date on all vaccines and shots and refill any prescriptions your pet is taking. At this time, make sure to get a copy of all of your pet's records. We have been lucky to have a veterinarian on the installation and they will send your pets records to the next location if you ask them (but get copies for yourself just in case those get lost in transit).


Let your pet get acclimated to the moving process, try to introduce packing and boxes slowly while maintaining their normal routines (I know sometimes this is not an option). Moving makes my dog, Bailey, very anxious. Therefore on this most recent move, I made sure to give him some extra attention and had more toys for him to let his anxiety out on (so I don't lose another pair of shoes). If you have movers packing you keep your pet calm with familiar items like a bed and toys, and in a room clearly marked DO NOT OPEN PET INSIDE. If you have kennel trained your pet, ensure their kennel is available because it is often a place where your pet feels safe and secure.


Find pet friendly airlines and hotels for the journey to your next destination. If you plan on traveling by plane, ensure to call the airline at least a month prior to your departure and get a detailed list of all of their pet requirements. They will let you know which shots, kennel or crates, and documents are needed to travel with your pet. I would also recommend trying to get a non-stop flight so your pet will not have to acclimate to cabin pressure and be moved more than once. Here are some great tips from a military spouse who has moved her pet overseas.


Before moving into a new home, take a walk around the home and new neighborhood with your pet on a leash to help them become familiar with the area. I would also recommend walking your dog on a leash or your cat (in the kennel or carrying case) around the inside of the new home while speaking in a very positive and reassuring tone.


What are some of the things you do to make moving easier for you four legged family members?