When my family informed me we were moving after Christmas of my third grade year, my eight year old brain truly thought the world was ending. What about all of my friends, my teacher, my room!? Eventually when my parents began sharing their excitement for the move and including my sister and I in all of the plans (we got to help pick out our new home!) things began to look up.


It will make a huge difference if you take time to talk to your children in detail about your move, the options of location, schools and how eager/nervous//happy you are about your new adventure. Look up your new town and share with your kids the fun things to do, like museums, parks, entertainment venues, the nice weather etc. This will help them get excited in the midst of a sad goodbye.


The goodbye does not have to be all sad! I suggest you make a memory book of your current home and town before you move. This can be a great project for you and your child to work on together and give them a chance to say "goodbye" to some of their favorite people and places, making the move more bittersweet than devastating.


Begin by helping or having your child take photos of your current home. Let them be inspired, but make sure you get one of the front of the house and their room - even better if they are in it!


Take some time to make a list of their favorite places. For example:

  • Make sure to get a shot of the pizza parlor your spouse takes the kids to every Friday night.
  • The bowling alley where they met their best friend.
  • Photos of their school; the classroom, the gym where they play basketball etc.
  • Photos of all of their friends with contact information, so they can write letters or call their friend after the move.


You can make these photo books at many different locations; Walgreens, Winkflash, Shutterfly, Snapfish etc! I never order a photo book without a coupon code; you can find some great deals on Retailmenot.com.


What else would your child like to see in a memory book to commemorate their often short time in one place?


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My home was totally destroyed by fire during my husband's deployment. I had to handle the whole situation alone. This has been a very trying time, I haven't had anyone to turn to for additional help.
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trish06, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the stress and devastation you faced losing your home and on top of that, handling everything without your spouse. Have you reached out to anyone in your FRG? They may have resources to help you deal with this loss, and provide someone local to talk to. Trish, consider reaching out to another spouse in your husband's command. We spouses need to stick together and support one another through tough times like this. I will be thinking about you Trish and hoping you get the support you need!