For those of you who were not members of Girl Scouts, you at least know them for their irresistible cookies. Not only have they perfected the peppermint patty, but one of their songs is a perfect mantra for a military spouses: "Make new friends, but keep the old."


With each move, you leave many who have become dear friends, but one of the perks (or curse depending on how you look at it - I choose to be positive) of the military is that most families move relatively frequently. You could be lucky enough to be stationed in the same town again someday! Cherish the friendships you have made, but continue to make other lasting friendships.


Moving is a stressful time - all of your worldly possessions are being packed in a large truck that drives away while you hope that everything makes it to your new home - no need to make it more stressful by worrying about making friends. Making friends can be easy! Begin with something easy like taking time to meet your new neighbors. You can also join a volunteer organization, find a church, take classes at the gym, attend military spouse meetings and installation events. Use online resources such as Groupon to find local events and classes to attend at a discounted rate! One benefit of participating in a class or group is the repeated exposure to the same group of people, increasing your chances to become friends.


Take advantage of all situations to be sociable and open! I was lucky enough to make wonderful friends at the gym. You never know who else is on the lookout for a new friend too! How do you make new friends after PCSing?


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Making new friends is ALWAYS tricky. I'm just bold enough to go up to someone to say 'Hi. I'm new to the neighborhood, and I would love to get to know you.' My husband is AGR, so we're NEVER on a base. It's important for me to put relationship building on steroids, because our time is always short.