There many names for the bathroom in your home; water closet, porcelain throne, powder room, unfortunately, none of those names make them any more fun to pack up when the time comes for a PCS! Here are my suggestions to ease the stress of moving your washroom.


Start throwing things out.*
- Expired Medication
- Half empty bottles (shampoo, soaps, body washed etc.)
- Makeup you haven’t used in a year and/or is expired (I am a hoarder of lipsticks and then never wear them)
- Any cleaning rags or toilet brushes (you do not want to be taking these lavatory germs with you)
*Many bathroom items like expired medications, cleaning supplies, nail polish, are considered household waste and should not just be thrown away. You can use this site to find a place near you to properly dispose of hazardous household items.


Donate extras to a local shelter.
- Unopened travel sized products
- Unopened full sized products
- Rugs/Towels (cleaned of course) that cannot be accommodated in your new home


Set aside a few items for an overnight bag.
- Towel, Washcloth
- Toothbrush/toothpaste
- Hand soap
- Travel sized shampoo/conditioner, body wash
- Toilet paper
- Anything else you can think of that you will need in transit to your new home, and on the first few nights in your new residence before your household goods shipment arrives


Make sure everything is DRY
- Consider washing your shower curtain before it is packed up (might as well move it clean!), and discarding the shower curtain liner (leave that to the last minute so you can shower and then throw it away). A new shower curtain liner can be found at a dollar store. You can consider packing the replacement liner in your overnight bag so that you can shower at your new residence!
- Seal all bathroom liquids (shampoo, conditioner, perfume, shaving creams, etc.) in plastic zip top bags
The packers will not move any cleaning supplies, so separate those form the rest of your belongings and place them in the “do not pack” area. Use them to clean one last time after all the packing is complete and then either pack them to be moved yourself, give them away, or discard them.
- All towels should be COMPLETELY dry. Your belongings will most likely be on a hot truck and molded and mildewed towels will not be pleasant when you start unpacking.


What have I missed about packing up the loo!?


I, unfortunately, did not follow some of this advice before our last move and shoe polish got ALL OVER our towels. That stink does NOT come out. Please share your water closet packing stories in the comments!