Limitless Contributor

Eating healthy and staying active is hard enough when your life is not packed into dozens of boxes. I know my "go-to" meal during a move is pizza delivery- not exactly a health choice! Since it is a new year and staying fit and healthy are two of the most popular resolutions, here are some tips to keeping your healthy resolutions during a move.


Moving is busy business, so instead of worrying about finding time to go to the gym, or worrying about packing up your workout equipment, try an equipment free workout like this one from Women's Health. Also give yourself some credit for the work you are already doing - packing and lifting boxes is hard work! Even vacuuming burns about 90 calories per hour!


While packing your kitchen leave out the following items so you can still put together a healthy meal at home; to keep disposable plates, bowls, silverware and cups, napkins, an all-purpose cooking pot and bottled water. Here are some great 5 ingredient meals and some fast (20 minute and less) dinner ideas from Cooking Light.

Find healthy eating options near you using the healthy dining finder website. It allows you to enter in a location and choose restaurants near you and access to nutritional information about the meals they serve. Where we are in California the calories are listed on the menu. It is amazing how seeing a 500 calorie label on a tiny muffin at Starbucks deters you from buying it! If you are dining at a restaurant, share your meal. Most restaurant portions are enough for two, and then you will not have to worry about storing any leftovers.


Be positive and remember that even places like McDonalds have some healthy options now! So no matter what your moving situation is, there is always a healthy option!


How do you plan to stick to your healthy resolutions during a move? Please share your tips and plans in the comments!