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Tax season begins January 1st and ends April 15th! Unfortunately, Uncle Sam does not give you a tax extension for moving across the country during this time! If you are moving during tax season you need to be diligent about keeping the necessary documents with you during a move (NOT packed with your other household belongings headed to a storage unit somewhere).

Before your scheduled move date, make sure to complete the necessary mailing address updates on the USPS website. If you know your future address, ensure you have your mail forwarded to your new address. It takes at least 7-10 business days to begin receiving mail at your new address, so make certain you do this as early as possible (the site allows you to do this up to three months in advance). This will ensure all of the tax documents you may receive in the mail, come to the correct address. If you are unsure of your new address, take some time to call the investment institutions/banks/employers etc. and let them know you are moving, and give them a safe and secure address they can send your documents, or better ask to receive the documents electronically.


Next, ensure you have all of the documents you will need to do your taxes is packed in one place. I like to use a binder like this one. Here is a comprehensive list of documents you may need to complete your taxes. I also recommend keeping your orders, passport, social security cards, birth certificates, health and medical information, children's school records, checks, banking and insurance items or any documents you believe will be difficult to replace if lost in a move.


If you use turbo tax (you can get it here through USAA for up to 35% off) many of the USAA documents can automatically be imported to TurboTax using your USAA member number and pin! The details can be found here.


Happy New Year and Happy Tax Season!