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I can hardly come to terms with the fact that Thanksgiving has already passed. It is already well into December and instead of putting up a tree or buying Christmas gifts, I booked a trip to a tropical destination. Nothing like a little beach vacation to get you into the holiday spirit, right!? I jest, but I am having trouble getting into the cheer of the season. You know what makes it even harder to get into the holiday spirit? Moving. My husband and I moved this time last year, and I can safely say it put a little damper on our jolly feelings. Here are my tips for NOT letting moving during the holidays get you down!


  • The key to enjoying your Holiday and surviving a move is PLANNING. I cannot express how much planning in advance will help you. First of all, there are fewer moving resources available at this time. Many people are on vacation and have reduced schedules. So, as soon as possible, plan your packers and movers and make sure they are available on your intended moving date. Second, make sure you separate all of your important holiday items away from the rest of your belongings. During the packing process, make sure to pack gifts and holiday items like Christmas dishware, wrapping paper, cards and any kitchen items you'll need to cook your Christmas dinner in a box specifically marked to be unloaded first or travel with you. Most importantly, mark these boxes to ensure they do not go into storage. It may be a fun project to let the kids decorate these boxes with Christmas stickers and other holiday drawings, so they will not be easily missed by you are the movers!

  • Keep your children engaged in the moving process. Combine an Advent and Moving calendar, counting down not only to Christmas but to your move. Make it something the kids are looking forward to! Here are some great ideas for DIY advent calendars. Another way to keep your kids busy and in holiday sprit, as a family you can participate in a Toy drive, purchasing/collecting/wrapping or distributing gifts to deserving families. This site helps you find one near you.

  • Send Holiday cards early with information about your move and your new address. You do not want to miss out on hearing from all of your friends and family during the holidays AND you want them to know you are moving!
  • During your move check out holiday celebrations or Christmas lights in the towns you travel through. Try to keep some of your normal holiday traditions in tact while moving! Once you reach your new town, get involved with holiday celebrations, events and parades so that the new town will feel like home in no time!

  • Finally, be careful! Driving in the winter can mean snow, sleet and ice that can lead to slower traffic, hazardous road conditions and unforeseen dangers. To help you make it safely through your winter drive, here are some suggestions from the National Safety Council to make sure that you and your vehicle are prepared.


Do not let moving get in the way of celebrating the holidays. Whatever you have planned and whatever traditions you normally celebrate, make sure you stick to them! You have a chance to celebrate these times with family, friends and even new friends in your new home. Happy Holidays!!!