Household 6 Diva's PCS Journey - From Polish Pottery to Cowboy Boots

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It is funny in the blogging world how you can read someone's posts and get to know their families, thoughts, and ideals and almost feel like you have a new friend without actually meeting the person! I was lucky (and frankly giddy) to meet Ann Marie from Household 6 Diva at the 2011 Military Bloggers Conference. I have continued to read Household 6 Diva and follow her family's adventures in Germany and was bummed when I read she couldn't make it to this years Military Blogger Conference because of her PCS from Germany to Texas (as a native Texan, I am so excited for her to live in Lone Star State)!


I wanted to spotlight some of my favorite posts by Ann Marie on her PCS journey. I hope they are as helpful and entertaining to you, as they are for me!


Starting at the very beginning, the moment you find out there may be a move: When is it to early to hyperventilate?


Mildly panic about not knowing where and not being able to prepare except for maybe start to purge items: Spring cleaning update in pictures


Maintaining sanity in the wake of an every expanding moving to do list: Catching up and keeping perspective


Guest-imating whether your household goods will go over the weight limit: Preparing for a move, purging and organizing storage


Sharing important advice to keep your marriage and love strong while dealing with reintegration and a move: Reintegration, moving and marriage


Finding out where you are going to move: The beginning of a new chapter (Fort Bliss Spouses, make sure to share with Ann Marie some insider tips to living there)


Making a PCS binder: PCS binder, moving made easy


Compiling a great packing list for unaccompanied baggage: Packing list for unaccompanied baggage


Some days a nap and Nutella are more important than your moving to do list: Torn between moving, children and myself


Finally, the last of the packing: Not Much Left, but it is Still Our Home


I encourage you to continue to follow Ann Marie's PCS Journey from Germany to Texas! You will be blown away, like I was, by this fabulous Army wife and mother of three's wonderful insights, beautiful pictures, military spouse knowledge and great stories!


Ann Marie also started the Military Spouse Blogging Community - a link list of blogs organized by military branch that are written by military families across the globe. It is a great resource for ANY Military spouse!