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I had more creative titles for this post, but none really seemed to fit…


“How to Host Thanksgiving When Your Belly is Bigger than the Turkey”
“Contractions and Cranberry Sauce”
“39 Weeks and Thanksgiving is at Luby’s”


You get my point. I am large - 39 weeks worth of baby here “helping” me host this thanksgiving. So naturally, I asked my family to come for Thanksgiving and I will be serving up delivery pizza. Not really, but both my family and my in-laws will be at my home for Thanksgiving (I think they are also hoping this baby is born while they are here). How does one avoid disaster on Thanksgiving when all you really want to be doing is eating a combination of pickles and ice cream?


Set Expectations
This is NOT the time to pull a Martha Stewart and have an immaculate Thanksgiving where everyone comes in pearls and ties and you have printed menus and place cards, etc. I have asked for my family's help. Why not suggest a potluck to take some of the pressure off of you? Make sure you also have a backup plan...what if your baby decides to be born on Thanksgiving?


Plan, Plan and Plan Some More
Write down absolutely everything you want to get done. This includes cleaning you want to do, supplies/decorations you want to buy and what you want to cook. Then, break down the tasks and delegate. Remember this is NOT the time to turn down help so you can be a tired, swollen, grouchy, martyr with cankles (the lovely phenomenon where you are so swollen your calf swallows your ankles, also lovingly known in my family as tree trunk legs) on Thanksgiving Day. This is a GREAT guide to planning ahead, definitely worth reading.


I hate to even say "cheat" because that word has a negative connotation. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with buying a pre-made apple pie or <insert name of any thanksgiving food item>. Those pies are GOOD, which is why they are sold at the store. No one will think poorly of you if you bought pre-made stuffing, gravy or pies (no one even has to know). You need to do whatever makes Thanksgiving the least stressful for you. Use butcher paper as a table cloth and supply pens so everyone can write what they are thankful for directly on the table (how creative are you?) and there is no ironing and no clean up!


In the end, relax and enjoy time with your family and relish in the fact that you certainly won’t be the one who has too much holiday wine and does something embarrassing. Happy Thanksgiving!


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