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I tend to be pretty sappy all year round, but it is even more pronounced around the Holidays. I remember the first Christmas I spent with my husband's family (who I adore) and recall that as soon as I called my parents to wish them a Merry Christmas, I burst into tears. I had not even realized how much I missed being at home with them until hearing my father's voice. There is something so difficult about being away from your family during the holidays. We will be spending this Christmas in California, very far away from both of our families in Texas. Here are some ways to ease your feelings of homesickness this holiday season.


We all have different things we love about being home. Whether it is a certain meal, an activity or tradition, try recreating your own version at home. Make the breakfast casserole you ate on Christmas morning as a kid, continue the tradition of opening up pajamas for the howl family to wear on Christmas day! Recreating these traditions (and maybe even adding some of your own) will help you create really wonderful memories and distract you from what you may be missing.


Reach out to those you are missing! Call, Skype, call or send a message to the love ones you are homesick for. It will make you feel closer to them, and open up an opportunity for you to tell them how much they are loved and missed.


If you are unable to be with family on the holidays invite friends or neighbors to share in a special holiday celebration with you. My dear friend with a new baby does not feel comfortable flying cross country with her little girl, so they will be coming over to have a Christmas dinner with my husband and me. This gives us both something to look forward to an opportunity to spend some time with people who we care about.


It always helps me to put my "homesickness" in perspective. Try to be thankful for what you do have. I have many friends who not only will be spending time away from their families, but their beloved spouse is deployed. Any heart ache I feel about missing my family pales in comparison of what the families who are missing their husband/wife and their kids missing their Mom or Dad. As crazy as this sounds, be thankful to have a supportive and loving family that you can miss! I am reminded daily that not everyone has as supportive parents, sibling, in-laws, cousins etc and that all of us who do should truly count our blessings!


How do you handle the sadness that often accompanies not being able to go home for the holidays? Please share!