Limitless Contributor

When friends or family purchase (or even just move into) a new home, I cannot wait to visit them or attend their housewarming parties! It gives you a peak into a newly decorated, clean and unpacked home. Bringing the new homeowner a fun, meaningful and - most importantly - useful gift is easier than you think! Here are some of my favorite "do it yourself" housewarming gift ideas!

  • DIY Wreaths: Here are lot of creative ideas to help you make the perfect wreath for the new home owner! Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter inspired wreaths!
  • Leave it to Martha Stewart to have the idea of making a housewarming bucket of useful household items! Some ideas include:

    - Toilet paper
    - Paper towels
    - Batteries/ Flashlight
    - Plastic dish wear (pates, utensils, napkins)
    - Hand soap
    - Scissors
    - Small fire extinguisher
    - Wall hanging kit

  • Lacking a creativity gene? Make a cute jar or basket filled with your favorite household items like this or fill a bucket with household cleaning items they could use to get their new house in tip top shape!
  • Help them stock their "junk drawer" before they even move in! This idea was originally for newlyweds, but I think it works perfect for a new homeowner!
  • Put together a meal bundle! Any new homeowner wants an easy meal they can throw together. Place the following items in a colander: Dry pasta, jar of pasta sauce, parmesan cheese, a small loaf of French bread, a shaker of Italian seasoning. You could also put together the dry ingredients of a dessert, like these cowgirl cookies, in a mason jar with a little ribbon and voila, a perfect housewarming gift!

No matter what you bring to a new home owner, your presence and friendship will be the gift they remember! What are the best housewarming gifts you have given or received? Please share in the comments!