This week we all took time on Memorial Day to say thank you to many of the brave Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for our country. USAA hosted a beautiful ceremony, but the celebration, thanks and services should not stop because Memorial Day is past. There are ways we can make a difference in assisting those veterans who came back from war, only to face turmoil at home with a battle against homelessness.


"You fought for our Home. We'll fight for yours", these powerful words were spoken by the Department of Veterans Affairs Housing assistance effort. Take some time to think about the veterans you know, are they at risk of losing housing? According to, One-third of adult homeless men and nearly one-quarter of all homeless adults have served in the armed forces. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has many programs designed to prevent and eliminate Veteran homelessness. If you know a homeless Veteran, or one who is at risk for losing their home please contact the VA's National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-4AID-VET. You will reach a trained VA responder who can connect you with the resources VA offers through these and many other programs.


This is an issue we all need to be aware of. Even country singer Tim McGraw has pledged to do something for our homeless veterans, by offering to give 25 mortgage free homes away to veterans in need.


How can you help?


Check out the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans "How to Help" page and find ways to get involved in your local community.


Considering supporting or entering Project Reach, a contest to create and application that will allow real-time electronic access for caregivers and the homeless to connect those in need to the resources available in their community. This contest is sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Joining Forces in support of the Administration's goal of ending veteran homelessness by 2015.The rules, details and entries can be found here.


To volunteer locally and find the VA Homeless Program Coordinator for your area, go to:



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Markie T
I read the blog post about helping homeless veterans and I was thinking might USAA want to facilitate that type of transaction? If you look at a company like that allows people to sponsor creative projects, they tie directly into my Amazon account so I can easily sponsor creative projects. I appreciate USAA mentioning the issue of homelss veterans in the blog post but why not go the extra mile and allow us to click on a link inside our account to, instead of paying a bill, make a donation to homeless veterans? Just a thought. Thanks and keep up the great job being the best company in the world. Mark