I love Valentine's Day. It is a holiday centered on love, giving everyone the excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate, while buying everything decked out with sparkly hearts. My favorite color is pink, so this holiday fits right with my tastes. True confession: I drink my coffee out of a Valentine's Day mug every day. My husband on the other hand proclaimed this year that, "Valentine's day is not for married people". What? This Hallmark holiday is for EVERYONE! Everyone who loves anyone (even chocolate for this matter) should really enjoy this day! He slowly and thoughtfully explained that no, "married people enjoy their love every day and already have a day to celebrate their love; their anniversary". While I couldn't quite come up with an argument against this one, I still insist we do a little something for Valentine's Day. But wait, he will be gone! What is a Valentine's Day loving gal to do with her spouse far away!? Instead of staying in my PJs eating a pint of ice cream by myself (which is totally ok sometimes), here are some ways you can still enjoy your Valentine's Day even though your sweetheart is far away.


Host a Friends Dinner: This is the option I chose last year and am doing again this year. I have invited a few other friends whose spouses are away over for some heavy ordourves and lots of chocolate. Cooking not your thing? Order pizza with someone! Just do something that prevents you from watching the Notebook all by your lonesome with a box of tissues.


Complete a Project: A couple years ago we painted our front door red, you can make Valentines for your neighbors or find other fun and free Valentine's Day crafts on the lovely world of Pinterest! Staying busy is the best distraction for missing your special someone.


Volunteer: I am sure there are many local opportunities to volunteer to spread some love on Valentine's Day. Ask your FRG (Family Readiness group/ if they have any Valentine's plans. They often host something for families for holidays, and this would be a great opportunity to help out or even meet someone new!

In my area, Homecoming Trunk Shows (a military spouse run business) is hosting an event to stuff care packages on Valentine's Day, which will be sent to soldiers overseas.


How do you spend Valentine's Day when your spouse or loved one is away?


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great stuff
yes what would all these companies do if people did not purchase something on this day.......it is a business day not a people day.
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Casper9211, you would get along swimmingly with my husband! Thank you for commenting!! Stoffer, thank you so much for your kind comment!