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In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I wanted to list some of the many reasons a PCS (permanent change of station) can be a pleasant experience. Too often we get bogged down by the daunting list of "to-do's" a move brings. Take a few minutes to relish the sweet moments of moving.

  • Because it is almost February and I believe everything should be pink and red and covered with hearts, you can use one of these FREE Valentine's Day card printables to make a Happy Valentine's Day/New Address announcement! (Two birds with one stone!)

  • Use your move as an opportunity for new experiences. Maybe this new town will have a killer yoga class, or those cooking lessons you have always wanted to take, or less traffic! Who knows what your new town will hold (reach out to others living in the area you are moving on the discussion boards)

  • Making new friends. Trade sadness around a PCS for joy of potential new friends

  • This is a chance to de-clutter your belongings and give things you do not need to charity, or make extra money by having a garage sale.

  • Reunite the family. Make moving a family project. Enlist your children's help in researching neighborhoods and schools and consider their opinions when picking out a home. If you are taking a road trip (road trip survival essentials) to your next destination, allow them each to pick one fun stop along the way (their favorite road trip pit stop, etc.). You will have to depend on each other while the move is happening and it is an opportunity to bring your family closer together! I also encourage your whole family to "re-experience" and document your favorite places and activities of your current town and take pictures for a memory book so your time at that duty station is not forgotten.

What do I LOVE about moving? The chance to get organized, the new friends that await you, the chance to see a new place or the potential to expand your horizons!? My favorite thing about a move is the spirit of ADVENTURE I feel with my spouse when we tackle something new together! Please share your favorites in the comments!