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I have written before about getting to know your new town, but spring break opens up your town to activities and events you may have missed before. The community is bustling with activities that take advantage of nice weather and the opportunity to engage kids while they are out of school. This gives them a chance to meet many children in town, and get out and be active!


Start by contacting your installation's MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation) department. They will have some great information on local activities and events and often organize excursions to museums and attractions that you can join in for a discounted price!


Air Force MWR
Navy MWR
Marine Corps MWR
Army MWR
Coast Guard MWR


A simple internet search will also provide you lots of opportunities. Start by searching "'My City's' spring break activities". You can also check your local newspaper and chamber of commerce websites for list of local parades, events and often deals!


If you are on a budget this spring break consider doing some volunteer work instead of traveling. Volunteering is a great way to connect with your local community and become a closer family! Find a local building project through Habitat for Humanity. You'll learn some new skills, possibly get to see a new part of town and help someone in need.


Here is a list of other activity ideas:

Reserve America is a great site to find good places in your area to camp.

Use to find local outdoor events like biking, running and trails etc.

Check out these sites for some TV free fun kids activities:


How do you plan to spend your spring break? Please share your experience in getting to know your town in the comments!