During a move you should always have your important documents packed with you and NOT with the movers. I suggest while you are organizing these items, you prepare an emergency binder that can be used not only during a PCS, but also in the event that there is a natural disaster or unexpected crisis.

For your move you will need to gather the following items:

  • Checks
  • Insurance and banking documents
  • Savings bonds*
  • Stock certificates*
  • Vehicle and Property Titles*
  • Marriage License
  • Copy of your home inventory
  • Children's school records
  • Birth certificates*
  • Social security cards*
  • Passports*
  • Will*
  • Copy of your drivers license and military identification
  • Orders
  • Power of attorney
  • Medical records
  • Pet documents: immunization records, medical history

*while not PCS-ing I recommend these items be kept in a safety deposit box

To make this an emergency binder add:

  • Evacuation plan for fire, plan for tornado or other natural disaster
  • Family photo
  • Individual pictures of each member of your family
  • Emergency Contact list
    • Nearest Hospital (include pet hospital too)
    • Family Doctors number
    • Contact information for immediate family
    • Insurance companies contact information and insurance policy numbers

Here are some great examples of Emergency Kits!

  1. Your Own Home Store provides free printouts to help you complete your binder!
  2. Household Diva shows the more fun side of a PCS binder!

What did I miss!? What do you ensure is in your family's PCS binder or emergency plan?

New Member

I'll probably keep a calendar on this go-around just to be able to track when I shipped HHG/vehicle, when the report date is, and when the PTDY starts.  The dates sometimes jump up on you!

Briana Hartzell USAA


That is a great idea. I am lost without my planner. I like to have things shown in a monthly view as well as weekly! Helps to keep me organized! Thanks for commenting! :)