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I am inspired after watching the first of the presidential debates to share again the importance of voting. As military families, I believe each of us should get a say on the decisions the future Commander and Chief of our country is going to make! I know many of us cannot just drive to the polls, but getting an absentee ballot is still a possibility!

I submitted all of the paperwork for my spouse on a Friday and received the absentee ballot via email on a Wednesday! The turn around is quick, but do not delay! Registration and ballot deadlines vary by state, so I encourage you to check your state specific deadlines.


The Federal Voting Assistance Program walks you through the steps of choosing your state of residence and filling out the necessary information (much of which is state dependant). Their vision is to ensure "Military and overseas voters are able to cast a valid ballot, which is counted in the election, from anywhere in the world, as easily as if they were at a polling place". I found their site to be efficient, easy to understand and effective! There is NO EXCUSE not to visit their site and get everything in order to have an absentee ballot emailed or mailed to you. The entire process took me a total of 10 minutes (that is with printing and filling out all of the forms!) They even have an envelope template you can print with paid postage.


If you are running out of time, or do not receive your ballot after submitting an absentee ballot request at least 30 days before the election, go to's online back-up ballot system. There, you can find out about your federal candidates, fill out the back-up ballot, and get complete submission instructions. You can access this online back-up ballot system at by selecting, "Get My Ballot Now".

No matter what party, or who you are rooting for, VOTING is important! Make your voice heard when it really counts!


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