Does the idea of a “do it yourself” (DITY) or “personally procured move” (PPM) move make you sweat, or are you thrilled by the control it gives you over the moving process? I feel like more and more families are considering DITY since there seems to be an unnecessary amount of damage and all too often, missing household goods on the backend of the military procured moves.  I consulted moving experts, fellow military spouses to weigh in on the advantages of a DITY move. The responses were split, many would choose moving their household goods themselves, and some would never do it again.


This week, we will focus on the DITY fans:


Danielle Keech: We’ve done a DITY for all five of our moves. The best part of DITY’s for us, and I’m sure everyone, is the financial take home. We’re able to get great rates from Uhaul (price match) and can move ourselves for less than what the government pays. Plus we always get to our next duty station quicker than the allotted time and save money from our per diem. We usually profit several thousand dollars. The worst part is the drive. I would say it’s worse the packing and loading all your stuff yourself. We rent the largest Uhaul and tow a car trailer behind it. My husband drives that while I drive the other car with our child, two dogs, and important documents.


Janelle from Come Fly with Us: We have our stuff as soon as we arrive, we’re in possession of everything, and best of all? Nothing breaks! Oh, and that money is nice too!


Elizabeth from The Reluctant Landlord: : we just did one and are looking to make 9k pre expense 7,500ish after loading expense. we have found the way to go is to use your own trailers.


Jenah from PCS Grades: we will start our 3rd one this May. We collect free boxes as people move in, pack by each room, load up and do a door to door move with nothing broken, and collect the large sum of money. It’s a win win for our family.


Emma from Teaspoon of Nose: We did our first move DITY. The best thing was getting everything taken care of fast - we loaded the truck, drove halfway across the country, and managed to have the whole thing unloaded within 3 days of packing it up (thanks to new friends)! It felt good to have everything immediately, instead of waiting for things to arrive. We managed to save a surprising amount of money by doing it ourselves, which was really nice. I will say, we only had one car (so no towing an extra vehicle) and not much furniture. I don't think I'd do it again.


I admit, the thought of packing up two small children, a large dog and all our stuff was too daunting to imagine. But, after reading the testimonies above, I do think I will consider it for our next move (if we stay stateside). With the right research and some elbow grease a DITY can be a complete success! Tune in next week for some tips on a partial DITY moves and some insight from spouses who will not try a DITY again!


Have you recently completed a DITY/PPM? Share your experience in the comments.


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