A “Do it Yourself” move sounds like a great idea in theory. No fear of missing boxes, no chance your belongings will be mishandled and you can pack all of the liquid and batteries you want! When we moved ourselves we conveniently lost all of my husband’s holey shirts- not at all sure how that happened…


Besides some of the obvious perks, there is NOTHING easy about making a move on your own. I asked fellow military spouses about their memorable do it yourself moments and I can safely say I do not see another one in our PCSing future!


Grace from Adventures of a Young Wife: So during our last DITY move we moved the day I graduated from school so I had absolutely nothing packed in boxes! I was trying to save money and not buy boxes* and just pack everything in baskets I had! It made packing (& unpacking) the moving truck and cars miserable! However putting things away in the new house was a breeze!! But I would never do that again! Boxes are soooo necessary!

*(Briana): Many of the recycling centers on post will let you have free boxes and moving paper if you ask!


Lori, Army Spouse: I took the time to write "Fragile" on the boxes that contain fragile stuff, and when we stacked stuff inside the house as we packed, I made sure to put those fragile boxes on top so that they weren't sitting beneath the weight of all the other bigger boxes. …. On moving day arrived, I moved the fragile boxes off the top of the stacks so that he could take the heavier stuff out first. My husband is a "doer"...I'm a "planner." He's the type of person that likes to just get stuff done and not really worry about the details; he wants to get the big picture accomplished, and get it accomplished as soon as possible! He didn't want to take the time for careful placement of the items....he just wanted to get it all quickly in the truck. So basically, I fruitlessly wrote "Fragile" on the fragile boxes because he stashed them wherever he wanted in the truck and threw them around and banged them around. My careful planning and efforts were wasted. It was a lesson to me it takes both kinds of people to get the DITY move accomplished, but if the planner wants the plans followed through, the planner is going to have to oversee the doer. He won't think twice about those details, but--to me-- sometimes those details (like our fragile items!) matter.


Pamela from The Coastie Couple: Ours was a partial DITY this past summer. We ended up spending a month renting a room from a stranger while we waited to close on our house. 30 days on an air mattress in your first trimester isn't so fun.


Chasity, Navy Spouse: We did the whole move yourself last summer. My husband just so conveniently had Watch the entire week we were supposed to pack… so guess who ended up packing our 4 bedroom house by themselves? Yep... me. Oh it was a nightmare- that and I somehow only packed part of each thing we needed? Like our food processor made it here with the top part not the bottom, same with the blender, and crock pots. Idk what happened…


The thought of packing my whole house, even after some pre PCS purging, is overwhelming! I do not see a DITY move in my future, but respect those of you who choose this method.


Do you have a DITY or PPM (Personally Procured Move) story to share? Please take a moment to comment!



About the Blogger: Briana Hartzell is a Navy spouse, mother to two beautiful girls (3 years and 6 months), a former full time USAA employee and a graduate of Texas A&M University. Briana writes at Being Briana, a blog focused on the joys that military life and parenthood can bring.


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