Oh my love is like a well packed box,

 That’s carefully shipped in June.

Oh my love is like undamaged goods,

and my piano being delivered in tune.


It’s not likely you are writing poetry about your love of all things moving this Valentine’s Day. More often than not, the feelings surrounding a PCS are worry, stress and a sprinkling of sadness. Cast those feelings aside! I think it is important, in the spirit of love this month, to focus on these four things to love about an upcoming move.



New Beginnings: - It is refreshing to have the opportunity to start anew, not many can pick up and start over every couple of years - Seize the chance to try new things, kick old habits and be a better you at your next duty station


Chance to Simplify: - Pare down your belongings and get rid of or sell items that do not bring you joy - Don’t overbook yourself in your new town (no one will know you were the top volunteer at your child’s last school- give yourself a break!)


Opportunity to Reconnect: - Will this move bring you closer to family or friends? Focus on the people you will have renewed opportunities with, instead of the difficult goodbyes. - Plan a visit to family or friend in transit. This is something for the whole family to look forward to and will brighten the mood after saying goodbye to your old duty station.


It is not Permanent: - Even if this assignment is not at the top of your list, it will most likely NOT be permanent. Your family will be up for orders before you know it. - Knowing you will be in a location for a short amount of time should motivate you to make the most of your duty station. Keep the mindset of a tourist and focus on the things you can enjoy together as a family.


If you are moving during this season of love, try to remember all of the positive aspects of your PCS. Don’t forget to woo your packers too! They will have a large impact on whether it will be easy to get into a loving mood about your next move.


What do you look forward to most when PCSing? Please share in the comments.


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