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As often as my family changes addresses (for me it has been 5 in the past 7 years), I should be an expert. However, when we moved from Texas to California I assumed I had made all the necessary changes to our addresses but forgot the Amazon shipping address I normally used was not updated and sent all of our Christmas presents that year to our OLD address in Texas. MAJOR fail. Do not end up in a situation like me and have to explain to your spouse why we would be opening our presents after Christmas. Here is a simple list of all the places you should make sure to update with your new address after a move!


  • Post office: This is the first step to take to changing your address and will allow for 12 months of mail to be forwarded.

  • Banking:
    • Order new checks with your updated address
    • Make sure your credit card and debit card billing addresses are updated
  • Insurance (car, home, renters etc.)

  • Utilities
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Electricity
    • Internet (check for a military clause, for changing or cancelling with no penalty due to new orders)
    • Cable (check for a military clause)
  • Cell phone

  • Driver’s License
    Just because you are moving to a new state doesn’t mean you need a new driver’s license depending on where you claim residency; you just need to update the address on your current license. For example, I have a Texas license with a California address. More about the Residency relief act here.

  • Voter Registration: You want to ensure you receive your absentee ballots in a timely manner!

  • Family and Friends: Tell your friends and family- free change of address announcements

  • Magazine/Periodical subscriptions

  • Shopping/Coupons: Do you receive coupons in the mail? Update your shipping address for the major retailers you want coupons from.

  • Health Care providers: Ensure your old Doctor, Dentist even veterinarian have your new address in case you need records sent.

  • The default ship-to address in the “My Account” section of the online retailers you shop the most (Amazon, for example)


I also keep a document on my computer with a list of my previous addresses, (after so many they are hard to remember by heart) this is good to have for background checks and for your reference. It is also good to have a hard copy of this list in your PCS binder.


What have I missed? Do you have a lessons learned story (like mine) you can share in the comments?


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 This is very fustrating, when a man tries to change his address with USAA, and I keep getting blocked! The xxx xxxxxx computer thinks its smarter than me!

  I have purchased homeowners insurance coverage with USAA... listed my new home address, physical, and mailing ... but the xxxxxx USAA computer keeps telling me there is no physical address like mine registered with the United States?!

  Now how in the frick can I have a Street sighn with the street name on it 2 houses down, and a fire number sighn on my nlawn with property address on it . Both of these with same info I try to enter as my address, and USAA wont except it???? Why?


USAA Service
USAA Service



I am sure the matter of updating your address is a simple fix.  I'll have an insurance specialist look at this right away.  If needed, they'll call you to confirm everything. 


Just a reminder, the use of profanity is prohibited here in the Community; therefore, I had to edit your comment blocking the use of certain words.

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I have moved and changed all my addresses at usaa. For some reason it's is looking for me to change the location of my vehicle. This is pretty frustrating. Usaa has changed everything else all at once. No where do I even see a way of making the vehicle location change to my new address. It is the same as all other changes and I have all my insurance with usaa.
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Thanks for reminding this upset person that foul language is unacceptable. It's bad enough to hear such comments on the street much less to read it on a site that intends to help the person.

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does it take time to for the change to process?

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USAA Service


An address change is immediate; however, it will not re-base any insurance policies. Please contact us if an update is needed for policy coverage. 

frustrated 6
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Why can I find every conceivable contact USAA has, EXCEPT a simple way to fill out a change of address. I find it hard to believe a company the size of USAA and the impermanent nature of many of its customeers, that it would be so seemingly unimportant to have a simple and functional way to do one task.

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USAA Service

frustrated 6,


It is not our intention to make the process of updating an address difficult for you. Once logged on you may update your address by selecting the drop down arrow by your name then "Profile & Preferences". An option will be available to update your address. I hope this information is helpful. Thank you. - Rhonda   

Rob in ATL
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Why does updating my profile not change my credit card's associated address?    I called in recently and the lady sent me a new debit  card.  Nice, except the credit card is where my issue is. 

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USAA Service

Rob in ATL - I apologize for the oversight. I have updated your credit card address to reflect your current mailing address. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance. - Jason