shutterstock_99953786.jpgIn honor of the Navy’s birthday I wanted to talk about celebrating a birthday in the midst of a move. I feel like it is especially important for kids. In my family, your birthday was a very special day filled not only with family but also with your friends. Here are my ideas to ensure you or your children have memorable birthdays in the midst of a move.


Pre-Move Party


For Kids: If your move falls before your child’s birthday, pick a day and have a “pre-birthday” celebration. They may choose this to be their main birthday celebration and have a full blown party, or you can choose to take this opportunity to go to their favorite local restaurant with some of their closest friends. This not only will allow them to visit a favorite places a few times before moving, but will create lasting memories with friends that your child will eventually have to say goodbye to. You could also create a scavenger hunt to visit your child’s favorite local places and have teams and the kids are required to take pictures of each place. (These pictures would be great for making a moving memory book)


For You: Go out to lunch or dinner with a few of your friends. Take the initiative to organize your own birthday meal. This may seem a bit narcissistic, but it truly is the easiest way to ensure you get to celebrate you for a little while and will work with your crazy pre-move schedule. Ask your spouse to take you to your favorite local restaurant and cherish the time together at a place you will not be able to go to for a while.


Mid Move Party


No chance to celebrate before all of your belongings are packed up? Celebrate by going to a place that offers party services. We had our last spouses' club meeting at a place where you paint an item (a platter, cup, figurine etc.), we were able to get a private room and bring our own food and beverages. Places like this will allow you to still hold a birthday party when your house is full of boxes and is not a choice for hosting. You could also consider taking a group to the movies, or to a local restaurant (many of which have private party rooms).


Already on the road? Get your family involved in picking a special stop on the way to your new post so that you can take a few hours to celebrate. Utilize some of these road trip phone applications to find attractions near you.


Post Move


For the Kids: If your move is during the school year, invite your child’s new class over for a birthday celebration. You can have some fun “get to know you” games features and it will be a good ice breaker for your child to make new friends (as well as get you talking with fellow parents). You can also do the same for your child’s sports teams, dance class, art group etc.


For You: Invite a few people from your FRG (family readiness group) or your new neighbor out for coffee. You could also have a few people over from your new church or child’s play group and serve cookies and tell them it is your birthday. You will feel good that you are around others and people will feel special you wanted to spend time with them on your special day. Have an adventure day to explore your new town with your spouse and/or family.


Have you moved during your child’s or your own birthday? Please share in the comments how you made it special in the midst of a move!


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