Limitless Contributor

My voice is kaput, dead, non existent, no louder than a squeaky mouse. You want to know what upset me the most initially when I realized talking was out of the question? That I couldn't sing along with the radio. I apparently sing a lot more to myself, house, dog and car than I ever imagined! Besides not being able to serenade everyone and everything, I have been ordered by the doctor to give my voice COMPLETE rest, unfortunately that even includes whispering (who knew whispering is harder on your voice than talking?).


Since I am not singing, nor conducting my daily phone calls to my mom and friends, I have been writing letters. Yes, I said WRITING letters. Snail mail at its finest. You know what I realized? As much as I love receiving letters, I have not taken the time to send any. I have saved every single card and letter my husband has given me since our senior year in high school and I cherish those letters and read through them often. I also LOVE getting Christmas cards from friends and family and reading about all the activities that are doing and to read about how much their family is growing and has accomplished.


Take some time to write a heartfelt letter. You will be amazed at how therapeutic it is and how much it will mean to the recipient. Many Dollar and 99 cent stores carry greeting cards for 50 cents. Add the cost of postage, and sending love to someone you care about can cost less than $1!


Think about sending a hand written note to:

  • That friend who helped you through the last deployment, but have not seen in a while; write her/him a letter thanking them for being there for you and express your gratitude for their friendship.

  • The sweet babysitter who watches your kids on short notice.

  • Reach out to a relative you have not spoken to in a while. I rarely speak to my Aunt, but have immense respect and love for her. I decided to write a letter and tell her. I hope on a rough day this note can bring her a little happiness.

  • Write a love/appreciation/thank-you note to your spouse. I think we too often forget to thank and acknowledge the most important partner in our lives. Whether they are home or deployed, it is important remind your spouse why you love them and what you appreciate about them. I think something as simple as, "It was so thoughtful for you to wake up and take care of the baby last night to let me get some extra sleep. I love your kind and caring spirit. I am so lucky to be married to you." or "I am so proud of you for what you do for our family and country. I love you"

No need to lose your voice to start sending some letters of love and appreciation. Thank you notes should not just be sent after receiving material gifts! The gifs of friendship, family and love are much more precious than any package we could receive in the mail.

Who are you going to send a letter to?