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I am rarely without my iPhone® and spent more time than I probably should on my computer, yet still have only a fraction of the knowledge of all of the great smart phone applications out there that could make being a military spouse a bit easier! Here are some of my favorite FREE applications:


Helpful and Informational:

  • Know Your Stuff: I have discussed the importance of taking an inventory of your belongings and valuables before a move, but have discovered an easy and free app that will help you! Know Your Stuff is Home Inventory is Web-based software that can be found at There are handy lists of rooms and item types to prompt you; you can also upload photographs and scanned receipts or appraisal forms, and generate several types of reports once your inventory is complete, or if you need to file a claim. The website provides free, secure online storage so you can access your inventory anywhere, anytime. There is also a Home Inventory app in the iTunes App Store (or search for "iii inventory). You can easily synch the information between your phone and computer! All of your information will be kept in your personal, password protected account free of charge!

  • Military Traveler: Offers a free universal military base phone directory and information.

  • Military Ranks: Just like the name implies, this is an application that gives you the details of each rank (with photos) and branch!

  • World Clock Time Zones: This application shows various time zones. You will know what time it is wherever your friends and loved ones are. It also helps when you need to call somebody in a different time zone and don't want to wake them up! (Hint, hint friends on the East coast who call me at 5am on the West coast!)

  • USAA Mobile Application: I use this frequently to deposit checks and find ATMs! You can use it to check on all of your banking and insurance needs.


Communication with a Deployed Spouse:

  • Boxcar: While my spouse is away, our primary form of communication is email. The Boxcar applications frees me from the confines of refreshing my email account every five minutes and allows you to set up custom alerts for email and other social networking sites! Now whenever my spouse emails me, I get a special alert through boxcar, real time! (You can also use the Boxcar program on your computer!)

  • Skype: Call, video call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free!


Just for Fun:

  • Night Vision Camera: This is a cool program that takes photos through your phone in a format that looks like you're looking through night vision goggles.

  • Alpha Bravo Charlie: Send messages using the military alphabet-silly, but entertaining, especially for children!


With as many applications there are out there for smart phones and computers, I know I have only scratched the surface of many of the amazing tools out there.

Please share your favorite applications in the comments!!