Anti-Bored Campaign: Free Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy

School is out for summer! Ok, I may be jumping the gun a bit, but the end of school is right around the corner! Summer means lots of quality time to spend with your kids and do activities as a family. It is also a time where the phrase that makes parents everywhere cringe..."I'm BORED." To avoid hearing those dreaded words, check out some of the great ideas below for frugal, often free, summer activities!


Start by polling your children and making a list of activities they would like to do this summer. It is much easier to get them excited about projects and activities that they have a say in! Also, if it was their idea, it will be harder for them to think the activity is "boring."


Next, search your local community for parades, activities and events; you do not want to miss out on some city-funded fun! Don't forget to also check out local retailers; Lowes and Home Depot (who both offer a military discount) have free children's workshops in some areas. Also, remember to check your installation's MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation) department. They will have some great information on local activities and events and often organize excursions to museums and attractions that you can join in for a discounted price!


Air Force MWR
Navy MWR
Marine Corps MWR
Army MWR
Coast Guard MWR


There are so many crafts that you and your kids can make at home. This is a bonus because you can spend time making it together and then time enjoying it!


Homemade sidewalk paint


Homemade bubble mix


Kitchen science experiments


Weather not so great? Try any number of things to do from this list of 101 indoor activities or this list of 75 kid-friendly fun activities.


This site provides 10 activities each month that don't require a lot of special supplies or preparation and can be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages.


Finally, this is my favorite list of free summer activities for kids! It has everything covered from a picnic in the park to reading time at the library!


Additional Resources

Activities to help survive a road trip

Please share your ideas to keep your kids busy this summer! And let's begin a ban on the phrase "I'm bored!"


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