Limitless Contributor

Last week I talked about moving horror stories, the things that make you cringe during your move, and I was pleasantly surprised that many had more positive stories than negative! I am often reminded how wonderful the men and women in this military community are, especially during the time around a PCS. We are lucky to be surrounded by kind caring individuals who understand the stresses of moving and military life and are always willing to lend a helping hand.


I have two stories I would like to share illustrating the compassion and helpfulness of friends we have had during times of moving!


My husband and I were just moving in together and needed to pick up some furniture from his mother's law office. My husband assured me we could move this furniture by ourselves, and that we would need no assistance. He apparently forgot I do not have the strength of a 200lb man, and there was NO WAY just the two of us could move this GIANT desk, large bookshelf and file cabinet ourselves. Just one phone call later, two of my husband's friends drove an hour to meet us, moved the heavy furniture, loaded it into a truck and even came over to unpack it at 10PM at night! I was blown away with their willingness to lend a hand!


Significant others are always gone on days when you need them the most...or at least it seems that way! During our last move, from Kingsville, TX to Lemoore, CA, my husband was not here for the delivery or unpacking process.


However, I was lucky to have two fellow military spouses willing to spend the entire day helping me manage the unpacking and unloading process. We took shifts in each area, one of them went and bought lunch for us and the whole crew and one even began unpacking the kitchen!! I could not thank them enough, since I knew they had both moved in the weeks before and I couldn't imagine opening another box!


This week I encourage you to share moving moving stories (yes I did go there, and used a VERY cheesy pun)!